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扩展原生的 ng-click, 加入防呆设计


what's this?

We use ng-click where any element want a click event.

But how should you do if an async event is triggered by the click event and you don't want the ng-click is triggered again before last async event is finished?

Maybe you do like this:

/* your template */
<button ng-click="handleClick($event)" ng-disabled="isLoading">Get Data</button>

/* ... */

/* your controller */
function Controller ($scope) {
    $scope.isLoading = false;
    $scope.handleClick = function (event) {
        $scope.isLoading = true;
        doSomethingAsync().then(function (ret) {
            $scope.isLoading = false;

The way above can solve the problem, but it's not elegant. Everytime there is a async event, a '\$scope.isLoading' state is needed.

So ng-fool-click is created to solve this problem elegant.

what ng-fool-click do?

The point is using $provide.decorator to override the origin ng-click.

When you use ng-click, guarantee that your click event handler returns a promise instance.

When the decorator detect a promise, it will add a 'disabled' state to the click target(maybe a button) before the promise is finished.

how to use

  1. Import the src file in you html;
  2. Import the ng-fool-click module like this:

    angular.module('MyApp', ['ng-fool-click']);
  3. return a promise in your ng-click event handler.


  1. you can use this thought to decorator ng-dbclick, ng-mousedown, ng-... ;
  2. ng-fool-click adds a 'btn-in-promise' class to the target when the promise isn't finished, you can define your own styles.
  3. DEMO
  4. GitHub